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Clock Deadline: 23. October 2022.



Training Course

21-25 November 2022 | Turkey

The training activity aims to support and build up the capacities of organizations that actively participate in volunteering actions of the European Solidarity Corps, in order to ensure quality and impact in the respective projects.

Objectives and benefits of the training course
● Foster understanding, awareness and commitment to core quality criteria of the European Solidarity Corps
● Build up competences on how to design and implement European Solidarity Corps projects with a view to quality
● Ensure clarity and support on how the programme works formally:
opportunities, guidelines, structures, priorities, rules, and procedures
● Give space to participants to express burning issues and needs and offer support where possible
● Foster a supportive community of organisations involved in the European Solidarity Corps
● Awaken the learner within


Part of the course is an obligatory online preparatory phase:
Before the residential training course in Türkiye, there is a mandatory online preparatory/introductory phase. It aims to introduce basic information in order to establish common grounds as well as provide a place where participants will start to form a community of learners and will carry out first homework and assessments of their own organisation,
local community and own needs.


We are looking for participants who:
● are involved in the Volunteering Actions in European Solidarity Corps Programme
● are connected to organisations/institutions holding a Quality Label for Volunteering (or an accreditation for Volunteering in Erasmus+).
● have a crucial role in and commitment to:
  ● providing conditions for high quality activities
  ● ensuring a positive impact of Volunteering Activities within their community
  ● creating learning opportunities within the organisation and for volunteers

The concept of the TOSCA is based on the experience of the network of National Agencies and established by a pool of trainers with the support of Resource Centres.
The activity will be facilitated by two experienced trainers:

● Honza Látal (South Bohemia/Czech Republic)
● Natalia Nikitina (Russia)


Turkish National Agency