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Internship Programme of German Business

Clock Deadline: 15. November 2023.

Internship Programme of German Business


From the organizer:

Candidates who apply from 1st October until 15th November 2023 to do an internship starting in summer 2024 will be informed whether they are invited to an interview or not one week prior to the scheduled interviews in the respective country. Please find more information about the interview schedule below.

Serbia: 27th November – 1st December 2023

Croatia: 11th – 12th December 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 13th – 15th December 2023

Kosovo*: 15th – 18th January 2024

North Macedonia: 22nd – 24th January 2024

Albania: 5th – 7th February 2024

Montenegro: 8th – 9th February 2024


Applying for the Internship Programme of German Business


Join our Internship Programme of German Business for the Countries of the Western Balkans and become a scholarship holder of our generation 2024. Apply for a paid three to six months internship in a German company in Germany starting 1st July 2024.

The call for application will be open 1st October until 15th November 2023. 

Doing an internship in Germany will change your life:


By joining our Internship Programme of German Business, you will become one of the 65 scholarship holders from the Countries of the Western Balkans and Croatia who you will meet during the introductory week prior to the beginning of your internships. You will receive organisational and administrative support. Additionally, most of the costs prior and during your stay in Germany will also be covered.

This Programme will not end with your last day of internship. Upon your return to your home country, you will be integrated into a very lively regional alumni network which regularly offers a variety of further trainings to keep up to date with current economic developments and labour market needs of your home.

Are you interested? Do you need any further information? Check out the steps on how to apply and the information provided below. Feel free to come back to the project team with additional questions.


Who Can Apply?


German Eastern Business Association (OA) & Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)& Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)& Zoran Djindjic Foundation







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