Opportunity to study Balkanistics in Prishtina

Clock Deadline: 31. August 2023.

Opportunity to study Balkanistics in Prishtina


Programme overview:


The Balkanistics Study Programme at the Faculty of Philology, University of Pristina is a four-year bachelor level study programme accredited by the Kosovo* Accreditation Agency, after a thorough evaluation by international experts. The Programme has been established with the aim to improve cross linguistic and cross-cultural communication in Kosovo and the Western Balkans region, by training competent students and professionals in linguistics and translation in the official languages in Kosovo or other Balkan languages including Croatian, Bosnian, and Macedonian, as well as by preparing professionals in intercultural teaching of local languages in their future careers. Taking into consideration the multicultural nature of Kosovo, and recognizing the role languages have in providing means of mutual communication and social inclusiveness, the Programme offers study courses related to the linguistic and cultural features of the Balkans focusing on various aspects of the regional area. Through the study of languages and dialects, literature and folklore, cultural heritage and the common history of the Western Balkans, students will be able to better understand each other’s culture, putting their adopted perspectives from these systematic comparative academic studies to good use in their professional careers. Therefore, the Balkanistics Study Programme presents the ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to learn in an innovative and comprehensive way Western Balkans culture and languages.


In this Programme, the students will

  • Acquire and apply advanced knowledge of one of the Balkan languages (Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, etc) both for their work as well as for further academic studies
  • Communicate fluently in their native language and acquire high proficiency (at least C1 level) in one non-native language (one of the languages of the Balkans region) and get qualified to translate and interpret materials in two languages
  • Acquire an intermediate level of communication (at least level B2) in a foreign language (ie. English, German, or French).



What the programme offers to a prospective student:

  • Highly competent teaching staff with years of expertise in the field
  • Extracurricular support through the Language Centre to improve language competences in local languages in Kosovo
  • Europe and region wide student mobility (one semester abroad)
  • High-quality and tailor-made print and online literature and learning resources
  • Summer schools, international seminars, and other academic arrangements with local, regional, and international higher education institutions



Who can enrol: Enrolment opportunities are offered to all interested high-school graduates from Kosovo, the region, and abroad.

Languages of instruction: Courses will be held in Albanian and one of the Balkan languages, such as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, etc to be chosen by students themselves, and depending on the need, in English language.



Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Balkanistics Study

Time of completion: 4 years

Semesters: 8

ECTS: 240

Department: Faculty of Philology

Programme modules:

Head of the Programme: Dean Lindita Sejdiu Rugova (for time being)

Programme start date: October 2021


Career prospects:

Upon completion of the Programme, students will obtain a Bachelor’s degree with the possibility of employment in the following fields:

- Translation and interpretation of two or more languages in the public and private sectors

- Language teacher of official languages in Kosovo

- Advisor and researcher for intercultural relations among people in the Balkan region for governmental and non-governmental organisations

- Regional Communications Expert for the public and private sectors











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