Gipsy Groove in South Outdoor Festival


Author: Klea Dahari (Albania)


I Gipsy Groove you! - A little curly hair girl shouted.


And I do not think anyone could not fall in love with the boys of the most peculiar band from the region, consisting of young boys from every country. They presented themselves this year in Albania, in a special event held from April 29th till May 3rd.


During its 5th Edition, the South Outdoor Festival brought amazing energy combining the miracle of nature with moments to be cherished till next year. A 5-days event in Borsh, south Albania, SOF brought amazing energy combining the miracle of nature with moments to be cherished till next year.  The event is always a strong connection between people of all ages who gather for 5 days in a beautiful spot in the Albanian Riviera to be amused by the rhythm of music, culture, tradition and the Albanian style of delight.


Sounds like Balkan around…


Over five thousand attendees enjoyed the music party on the evening of day 3, where the multiethnic band offered dancing in the notes of reggae and jazz and folk. All in one pack was what Gipsy Groove had to offer for the excited crowds. If you have never heard before about a musical group, which shakes the scene with their crazy performance, here you got to know the Gipsy Groove. I bet you couldn’t stop dancing all night long listening to those dynamic tunes that travel through your body as their music travels you through the Balkans. You have to be able to listen to understand their music and their powerful sound and texts.


The band came together many years ago and their first appearance was at NGOM Music Festival in Prizren 2010 with a specificity. They had no name. First, it was two young boys, a deeply dedicated roman activist connected with an Albanian nerd on guitar and started mixing together the euphoria of the Balkan Romani music injected with other musical influences like funk, ska, drum and bass etc. Then, the king of drummers of Kosovo and a Kosovan Turk on bass joined the gang. In order to fulfil the vitality, two Noth Macedonian guys that have studied jazz in Austria in the horn section crashed into the band. Is it now clear enough what these music chefs with different backgrounds can cook, something that deliciously was transmitted to the electrified crowds who attended the Gipsy Groove’s musical show at South Outdoor Festival.


It is two weeks since the event and I can still remember the enthusiastic performance; I can still feel the fire and hear the acclamations of the people who were celebrating with a big amount of joy.


“All the women in front of the stage let’s raise their hands! You are all adorable tonight!” the lead singer called for women's rights, a strong message to support that they are not just very modern artists but also sensitive to the issues of everyday life. It was just sensible to call for women's rights because all band members are men.


Get ready to be impressed!


As the Best Multiethnic band, part of the project of the European Commission in East Europe, Gipsy Groove’s aim is to break the prejudices against the Romani community by sending messages of peace through their energetic performances and incredibly meaningful lyrics. In addition, they are obviously a great example of a healthy collaboration between the diversity of backgrounds, communities, cultures, traditions and mentalities. The union tends to erase stereotypes by giving powerful communication throughout their albums and visual stage presentation.


“Although the distance, we get together to carry out shows, festivals or club performances. The passionate musical spirit is one of our strong points in favour of keeping Balkan blessed and united. At the beginning of our career, it was hard to deal with prejudge but as the music flows, becomes unforgettable and famous, each Romani and other vulnerable groups could. There is a lot of love and life worship”- Bajram Kafu Kinolli- the vocal singer, claimed.


Nowadays society strives for those kinds of actions taken by art to raise awareness against all forms of discrimination, injustice and racism in order to work closely in peacebuilding processes. The Balkans’ social issues are accompanied by melodies which make us feel human with needs for entertainment, energy, ego, charism, freedom and rights.


And, well yes, next year you can come and join the 6th edition of the South Outdoor Festival and get the spirit in one of the most beautiful places in the Albanian Riviera immersed in nature and energy.


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