Get your suitcase ready because you just found the place.



The pearl of the beauties of Koman is at the foot of the Albanian Alps. Isolated from the tall peaks, the rapid flow of Shala blue water makes it resemble distant Thailand. The crystal-clear water and virgin nature have made tourists add this destination to their list of places to visit for the holidays. Boat trips are the favorite of tourists; the tranquility, the freshwater, and the blue color that the Shala River offers have made day by day visitors add it to their list to explore. A boat trip along the river is an oasis of tranquility and paradise. Along the walk are you, the waves of crystal-clear water, and the virgin nature where from time to time you hear a migratory bird welcoming you to the pearl of Koman. But, that alone is not enough!!!



You cannot come to a paradise-like the Shala River and not try to dive into the freshwater. The pristine view of the river that originates at the foot of the Albanian Alps offers tourists exploring the area by boat with a spectacular view and diving into the freshwater. “Albanian Thailand” also offers the view of the cliffs that surround it and seem to touch the sky with your hand. The boating ends at the nearest bay, where tourists stop to sculpt through paradise through photos and videos. Now begins exploring the earth, where your best friend is nature and the wind to offer its trees, which are crowned around the sky.



Out of contact with everyday life, no wave, no "stress" that ordinary life offers you is no longer found. The pearl of the beauties of Koman offers for nature adventurers also impressive experiences, such as climbing paths surrounded by tall peaks, about which the locals tell medieval legends. With camping tents on your back, in an individual experience, surrounded by tall peaks, where you occasionally meet some locals who tell medieval myths.



After this trekking walk in the clear waters, beach on the river gravel, the only thing needed to complete the trip is a delicious lunch in the tranquility of the green nature. We can find traditional food in the inns that are along the river. Foods are the best thing that stays in the mind of every person for a long time when the desire to try them again is never lacking.


Some miracle foods of the north are "perpeqi" where Albanology recognizes this recipe as Albanian pizza. It is thought to date back to the time of the Illyrians. At first glance, the perch looks like a pie filled with cheese, but it also contains eggs, buttermilk, butter, and garlic. This recipe is the same as "flija" baked with saç. Leçenik, Lamb with Tamël, Chestnut Cake. After feeding, visitors board small boats again to try their way back, which winds through Lake Koman. 



There is where we return to daily life after visiting a paradise on earth.