WESTERN BALKANS – The fourth episode of the You(th) Choose(s) podcast hosted by young journalists from the Western Balkans is taking us on another musical journey, this time filled with positivity and motivating songs.

They believe that sometimes, when things get tough, all we need is a little push. That is why the You(th) Choose(s) podcast hosts are back this week to give you the motivation you need when times get hard. In today’s musical journey and episode, Branislava and Andrea will host Haris, Kiara, Magdalena, Dijana, Shefket and Milica in order to bring you the required dose of positivity and good vibes. With six inspiring young people, we will reach the better days, learn how to empower ourselves when needed and remind ourselves that, no matter what, the show must go on – so turn the volume up, fasten your seat belts, and join the hosts in this new music adventure.

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Guests: Haris, Kiara, Magdalena, Dijana, Shefket, Milica


  1. Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
  2. SuperM – Better Days
  3. Rachel Platten – Fight Song
  4. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
  5. R. L. Burnside – Let My Baby Ride
  6. Queen – The Show Must Go On

Background on the You(th) Choose(s) podcast

The You(th) Choose(s) podcast is a part of the RYCO supported program for students of journalism in the region. The podcast gathers young people from the region with Branislava Kolarov, Andrea Knežević and Dijana Dacin as the hosts that guide the topics through creative thinking and discussions. The first season of the podcast contains six episodes, where some of the topics covered throughout are connection and unity, guilty pleasures and teenage years. We will introduce you to these six episodes of the podcast by publishing them weekly on our channels.

Authors: Branislava Kolarov, Andrea Knežević and Dijana Dacin

Mentor: Prof. Dragana Prodanović 

Studio: Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina (Nezavisno Društvo Novinara Vojvodine)

Logo and visuals: Dajana Rusov 

Jingle: Đorđe Todorović and Miloš Georgijević 

Audio edit: Branislava Kolarov

This podcast was produced during the three-month Program for Students of Journalism in the Western Balkans within the framework of the advocacy project “A Better Region Starts with Youth” implemented by RYCO with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany. All journalists’ work is their own and the content of any given article, episode and journalistic item does not represent the opinion of RYCO, and RYCO cannot guarantee the validity and the accuracy of the information that these stories contain.