Perić: The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your vision

The young painter from Ulcinj, Katarina Perić, still believes in the power and charm of the art world, even though practicing this type of art is challenging. She explains that there are always difficult tasks because painting requires creativity, patience, but also constant learning.

In addition, as Perić says, painting offers an opportunity to slow down and escape from modern life, which, although we need it, is accelerated.

The techniques used to create works of art are diverse and different people try to present them in their own way. “I think that most artists find the techniques that require a lot of detail and precision the most difficult,” says the painter.

She points out that abstract painting, although it looks much simpler, implies a deep connection with composition and colors, and that the final challenge depends on the skills, vision and experience of the artist.

In addition to painting techniques, painters also invest their time in creating a work of art. “I devoted a lot of time to the reproduction of the painting ‘The Last Supper’”, says Perićeva. She adds that before starting to create the painting, she had to thoroughly research the character and work of Da Vinci, but also that she had to enter his world, because that was the only way she could fully finish the painting. „The creation itself took more than three months, reviving the work of such an artist is not an easy task at all“, says the painter.

The second image that the interlocutor singles out is “Mediterranean fruit of love”, i.e. olive that characterizes and describes the coastal part of Montenegro, especially its hometown Ulcinj.

Apart from the authors themselves, the audience singles out their favorites in a multitude of works. According to her, the paintings that have recently begun to attract the most attention are those in which the main motif is concealed. Perićeva says that the reason for the interest is that she personally found herself in that motif, and that people can feel it.

She reveals that young people’s interest in painting still exists, but also that there are a number of problems and challenges they face. „The interest of young people in painting certainly exists, but there are also a number of problems such as insufficient support from family and the environment, a problem of a financial nature because the material itself requires a lot of money and the challenge is to find a space to work, then competitive pressure, which can create insecurity and withdrawal among some artists“, explains Perićeva.

Nevertheless, the painter concludes that, despite all the pressures and challenges, more realized workshops and organizations could contribute to young people developing their skills and finding their place in the world of painting.

Katarina Perić notes that the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your vision, because that’s the only way you will stand out in today’s time, in which there is saturation. She advises young people not to be afraid to be different and present their ideas, and not to limit themselves by rules and norms, but to give themselves freedom when creating, which is the charm of this type of art.

“I noticed that some people create works by downloading pictures from the Internet and making them identical, only under their own name. It’s okay to find inspiration, but you should make an effort to give your own stamp to that work that will distinguish you from others, that’s the point”, says Perić.

She talks about the change brought by the development of technology and exhibitions that are mostly realized through social networks. “As time goes by, we have to adapt and come up with new ways to attract the attention of young people to attend exhibitions that will provide them with useful information in the field of culture and education”, emphasizes Perić.

Painter Katarina Perić looks back on art as the best way to get to know herself and adds that the exhibition, which she plans to hold on her own son, is a kind of seal that will stand behind her and that will completely define her as an artist.