After completing my bachelor's studies at the Faculty of Law and after a short work at the “Prelević” law office, I realized that this is not the job for me after at all. In this case, my emotions prevailed, because when it comes to the work of a lawyer, emotions have to be put aside, and the bottom line in the whole process is that you have to be obsessed with the work you are doing, otherwise, you miss the point. Unfortunately, being a lawyer is not my obsession.

I decided to enroll in the Humanistic studies at the University of Donja Gorica, majoring in Communication and Media. I like to say that this was the best decision of my life, because I devoted myself to the field that truly fulfills me and makes me happy.

However, my interest in the media was born much earlier. I have been the presenter of school events since elementary school, after that it continued during high school. High school was also marked by numerous national and international competitions in debate. I engaged in debate for about seven years, after which I founded a debate club called "Argumentum" at the Faculty of Law, which I led for a period of two years and organized debate tournaments between students from different faculties within the University. Unfortunately, in Montenegro, the debate is developed only at the high school level, while it is slowly dying out at the faculties.

At the beginning of my studies at the Faculty of Law, I started working at the Center for Investigative Journalism of TV Vijesti, where I met Milka Tadić Mijović, who was my mentor throughout the entire period of work. At CIJ, I learned a lot about research work and the concept of journalism in our country. I am glad that during the period when I was working at CIJ, I was involved in a project concerning hate speech in the media and that through this international project, which is still being carried out today, I gained the impression of how much journalism has actually lost its original mission and vision, and how we need good journalists more than ever.

Along with that, the job that will definitely mark my life is the position of editor of the morning program on Student Radio "Krš".

Radio KRŠ is a project that was initially designed and started by several young enthusiasts who were revolted by some cultural trends in the society at that time. They decided to create a medium that would tackle the imagination of listeners with its program and present them a more modern and different view of the world, especially when they are about the most diverse topics from the field of art, ecology education and current social topics.

Through its activity and influence that began to spread, the fact became increasingly clear that Podgorica and Montenegro need a new media that will be based exclusively on the new values, and that will provide space and opportunities for young people to develop personally and professionally. I am glad I was part of this project.

This lasted for four years, which I recount as the most beautiful period for me, in which I truly did what I love and led a team of 40 young people who, together with me, created cultural and informative content for listeners. Student radio Krš is the first youth radio in Montenegro and it celebrated 9 years of existence and the creation of a different content, especially in the sphere of youth culture in Montenegro.

Krš helped me understand that there are two spheres that fulfill me the most, namely working with young people and the media and it is the reason why, after KRŠ, I decided to combine those two things and create my own kind of dream job.

Today, I work in the non-governmental organization Center for Youth Education, where I am engaged as a national coordinator for the Social Impact Award project. SIA is an international project that is implemented in a total of 18 countries on three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa), and its main focus is on developing the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship among young people. Although the topic of entrepreneurship was not in the focus of my interest, through the work with young people I found implementation of this project tempting and fulfilling.

After the work at Krš, my best decision was to enroll in the Communication and Media major at the University of Donja Gorica which was in line with my expectations and interests. In a close relation to this and to a work with young people, I am signing a contract with Radio and Television of Montenegro for my first author's show called "We are still green", which is scheduled to be broadcasted soon.

It is true that during the period of studying and the transition to another college, I did a lot of youth work, where my personality was best formed, as well as the abilities and skills that I need for further improvement. Youth work is something that creates a spectrum of opportunities for young people, and on the other hand, allows you to upgrade yourself as a person.

My recommendation to all young people is to visit as many workshops, trainings, conferences as possible because - you see as much as you know!

In a period of five years from now, I see myself with my own business that will be connected with young people and of course with the media.

A kind reminder for all young people who are reading this or who feel that way: explore everything around you, challenge yourself and then try to find a focus to persevere. Do not forget that finding your focus is not easy and it will take a lot of dedication and exploration of yourself and your personality.