Bozidar Donevski

Bozidar Donevski


I am Bozhidar Donevski from Shtip- Macedonia, a student of the Law Faculty- Media studies and public relations of UGD Shtip. I am twenty years old.

I see the participation in the project of the "Regional youth cooperation office” (RYCO) as an opportunity to express myself creatively and to show my qualities in the field of journalism, music, literature, and fine arts.

I love music and I play guitar.  I present poetry and prose at book promotions.

I participated in the documentary "Uncle Sime” and the radio game "The sun”.

I was the host of a new year’s concert two years ago, organized by DMUC "Sergey Mihajlov”.

In my free time, I like to draw. I turned my room into a corona gallery during the corona pandemic. I drew cartoon characters on the walls and painted them in the colors of the rainbow. I painted life.

My life motto is "A day without a book and smile is a lost day, and life with lost days is not a life”.

I hope that new horizons will open for me professionally, and the friendships gained with students from the region will be the biggest benefit of this project.

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