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Learn The Book Publishing & Writing Blueprint

Calendar 30. December 2021.

Learn The Book Publishing & Writing Blueprint North Macedonia

Learn The Book Publishing & Writing Blueprint


Learn The Best Book Publishing & Writing Blueprint to effectively write,publish and market your book that will help to be a published author

"Book Writing and Publishing Workshop" - Become an Author in 2021

Welcome to the Book Writing and Publishing Workshop by Susmita, Founding Partner and CEO of Global Book Publishing.

It is a 2 hour workshop, where Susmita teaches you Perfect Book Writing and Publishing Strategy right from scratch, going into immense detail on why, what, and how to do specific little-known critical things in the book publishing process.

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During this Masterclass, you will learn exactly how to write and publish your book in the next 60 days, including:

  • 👍Strategies - How to Start Writing and Publishing your book TODAY, irrespective of which 'Publishing Path' you choose
  • 🙅🏽‍♀️Mistakes - Learn the top 3 Mistakes to avoid you must avoid while self-publishing
  • 📄 How to market your book right and convert your book into a recurring source of income
  • 🚀 A detailed step-by-step explanation of the Complete Publishing Process
  • 📚 Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing
  • 💰 Royalties and Cost associated with each type of books
  • 📦 Global Distribution of your Book
  • ☝️ The insider secrets to successfully publish a best-selling book
  • 🚀Guaranteed - Over 10,000 students have learned this format and it has worked, I guarantee that you will be at the next level in your Book Publishing Journey after attending this masterclass
  • 💻ONLINE Event - This is a live and interactive ONLINE Masterclass.

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